WEEE compliance in the Netherlands

AEEA: WEEE legislation in the Netherlands

The AEEA legislation is the Dutch implementation of the WEEE directive. It assigns a so-called “Producer Responsibility” to companies. When a company has the Producer Responsibility, then it is responsible for proper waste management. This is translated into a set of obligations for the products the company is responsible for.

Obligations voor companies with Producer Responsibility

The most important obligations are:

  1. Registration of the company in the Dutch WEEE register.
  2. Registration of the volume placed on the Dutch market in a given year (the so called POM).
  3. The collection and recycling of waste according to the legal requirements.
  4. Offering financial security to ensure that specific future waste will be recycled too.
  5. For foreign companies: establishing an entity in the Netherlands or having a so-called 'authorised representative' in the Netherlands.

The AEEA contains additional requirements that are not part of this overview. The complete overview of the requirements can be found in the legislation. This can be downloaded here (in Dutch only).