WEEE compliance in the Netherlands

Contractors (EPC) and Producers Responsibility

Many solar contractors are currently entering the Dutch market. They aim to construct large scale solar parks and sell them from their home country. This sales method means that there is a 'direct sale to a Dutch end user'. The result is that the foreign contractor is assigned the Producer Responsibility.

2 ways to fulfill Producer Responsibility

According to the law EPC-contractors have only two ways to fulfill their Producer Responsibility. The first is to open a Dutch subsidiary and to sell all the solar parks through that subsidiairy. In that case, the subsidiairy can arrange compliance. For example, by becoming a participant of The ZRN foundation.

The second way is to sell the solar parks from the home country. In that case, the contractor should assign an 'Authorized Representative' based in the Netherlands. This Authorised Representative legally takes over the Producer Responsibility from the contractor during the period they are assigned. The SAR foundation is such an Authorised Representative. After taking over the responsibility, they ensure compliance by becoming a member of ZRN.